Know The Significance Of Ekadeshi, All About Adhika Masa

Parama Ekadashi Image: It is observed by devotees of Lord Vishnu for happiness and prosperity

Today is ‘Parama Ekadashi’ – one of the most significant of the 25 ‘Ekadashis’ in 2020. It is also known as the ‘Adhika Masa Ekadeshi’ as it falls in the ‘Adhika Masa’ or ‘Mala Masa’. An ‘Ekadeshi’ during the ‘Krishna Paksha’ or new moon phase of ‘Adhika Masa’ is known as the ‘Parama Ekadashi‘. ‘Ekadashi tithi’ (date) is considered to be very auspicious and most traditional Hindus observe fast on ‘Ekadasi’. ‘Parama Ekadashi’ is observed mostly by devotees of Lord Vishnu for happiness and prosperity.

Parama Ekadashi: Time

  • ‘Ekadashi Tithi’ began at 4:38 PM on Oct 12 
  • ‘Ekadashi Tithi’ ends at – 2:35 PM on Oct 13
  • ‘Ekadashi Tithi prana’: October 14, 6:21 AM to 8:40 AM
  • On ‘Parana; day Dwadashi end moment: 11:51 AM

Parama Ekadashi: Know the legend 

According to the scriptures, Lord Krishna had first narrated the story of ‘Parama Ekadashi’ to Arjuna. In a place called Kampilya (present day Farrukabad in Uttar Pradesh), a Brahmin named Sumedha and his wife Pavitra lived a pious life but they were very poor. Despite being poor, the couple never turned away people who came for food. As days went by, Sumedha increasingly worried about how to make ends meet. His wife however always believed that things will change for the better soon. According to legend, Maharishi Kaudilya one day visited the couple’s house. The Maharishi was welcomed warmly and served food. Maharishi Kaudilya was very happy by Sumedha and Pavitra’s generosity and advised them to observe ‘Parama Ekadashi’. According to scriptures, the couple observed fast on ‘Parama Ekadeshi’ and lived happily.

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