Watch: Woman Takes Pizza Bag From Delivery Boy And Its Too Funny To Miss

Internet is one entertaining space for all. It is loaded with a variety of content that keeps us hooked throughout the day. From cute kid videos to funny dog videos – you get it all on social media for a good laugh. These videos are often therapeutic and work as a stressbuster for us. While scrolling our social media handles, we also come across different viral videos that leave us in splits. One such video we recently came across was of a girl and her hilarious antics while receiving a box of pizza from a delivery guy.

We exactly understand the excitement of a pizza lover after seeing freshly baked pizza – all we want then is to devour the delicious treat in no time. But here, the girl’s excitement level went a step ahead; seeing the pizza, it seems she just forgot how the way pizza delivery works. The 15-second video was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘BALDY’.

We saw a girl opening the door as the delivery boy rang the doorbell. She then handed over the money and grabbed the whole bag and stepped back to close the door. The delivery boy also didn’t stop her grabbing the bag; instead, he broke in laughter seeing such unusual incident. “Thank you,” the girl said, while the boy just reacted, “Ohh!” The whole incident was captured on the doorbell camera.

“Thinking about the time I grabbed the whole bag from the pizza man because I didn’t know how it worked,” she wrote alongside the video. Let’s take a look.

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The video went viral on various social media platforms and reportedly it garnered more than two million views and various funny reactions.

Do you too have any such funny moment? Share with us in the comments section below.

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