Watch: This Classic Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich Is All Things Delicious

This chicken mayonnaise sandwich can also be ideal to pack in your kid’s lunch box.


  • Chicken mayonnaise sandwich is light and easy-to-make
  • However, the technique for preparing it differs from person to person
  • This chicken mayonnaise sandwich is also a good option to pack for lunch

What’s that first thought that comes to your mind when we say sandwich? The most common answer will be comfort. A humble portion of sandwich is enough to satiate your hunger anytime of the day. Make it with simple onion, cucumber and mayonnaise or with loads of cheese and chicken chunks – sandwich has countless number of recipes to satisfy every type of palate. In fact, it offers you rooms for experimentation where you can literally throw in anything you have in kitchen between two slices of bread and indulge. From left over sabzis to the exotic spreads, you can use anything and everything to put together your sandwich.

One such popular sandwich option is the classic chicken mayonnaise sandwich. It is light, easy-to-make and can win-over every heart with its soothing taste. However, the technique for preparing this recipe differs from person to person. While some like adding boiled shredded chicken in the filling, others enjoy the roasted version of it. Some people also prepare it with fried chicken chunks and loads of vegetables alongside. Whichever way you prepare it, a classic chicken mayonnaise sandwich defines indulgence.

We bring you a chicken mayonnaise sandwich recipe by vlogger Vipin Singh that can also be ideal to pack in your kid’s lunch box. Singh shared this recipe on his YouTube channel ‘Food Fatafat’.

Find Here The Recipe Video Of Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich:

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Try this lip-smacking sandwich at home and let us know how you like it. Bon Appetit! 

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