Watch: Jimmy Fallon Challenges ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot To Try 3 American Foods

Gal Gadot tried Taco Bell for the first time on ‘The Tonight Show Satrring Jimmy Fallon’.


  • Actor Gal Gadot appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.
  • Host Jimmy Fallon asked Gal Gadot to try 3 American foods.
  • The amusing ‘food-tasting’ video went viral.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” is popular across the globe for its raw humour and interesting guest appearances. The recent episode of the show starring actor Gal Gadot made quite a buzz. Host Jimmy Fallon challenged the “Wonder Woman 1984” star to eat three holiday-special American meals that she’d never eaten before. Israeli actor Gal Gadot is now a popular Hollywood actor. She agreed and tasted all three popular American foods. The amusing video of the food-tasting segment of the show went viral.

First, Jimmy Fallon asked Gal Gadot to try the very popular holiday drink of eggnog. Gal had doubts before drinking it. She asked, “Is it safe to drink? The egg is cooked?” Only after Fallon assured her it is safe to drink, she took a sip of it but did not seem to be impressed with it. She explained in her defense, “Maybe with rum it’s better, but it’s like pudding, it’s very thick.” Next came Ho Hos, a dessert favourite with kids. Gal Gadot liked it enough to take another bite of it. “It’s sweet, it’s good, she said.”

Finally, Gal Gadot had the famous Taco Bell for the first time ever! And as expected, she really liked it. “This is the best so far. It flavourful, it’s salty, has different textures,” she said with her mouth full of the yummy taco.

Watch the viral video here –

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In return, Gal Gadot asked Jimmy Fallon to try some Israeli delicacies and he had no option but to oblige. Fallon loved Sufganiyot, a fried dough filled with jelly, and said it’s the best jelly doughnut he ever had.

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