Subway Bread May Not Be Bread As Per Irish Court And Heres What Netizens Think

Bizarre News: Subway bread does not qualify as bread due to its high sugar content.


  • Subway’s bread is said to contain very high quantity of sugar
  • The ruling came in a judgement by the Supreme Court of Ireland
  • Netizens couldn’t help but react to the bizarre news

‘Expect the unexpected’ – would be the phrase that defines 2020. Countless citizens across echo this sentiment for this year thanks to the pandemic and many other developments. There has been no dearth of bizarre and shocking news this year, and recently, the food industry also got its own share. Ireland’s Supreme Court released a ruling for popular sandwich brand Subway. According to the court, Subway’s bread contains too much sugar for it to be defined as ‘bread’.

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Bookfinders Ltd, which is Subway’s Irish franchisee, had contested that the bread used in Subway sandwiches is a ‘staple food’ and hence exempt from VAT. However, one of the criterion for any food to be counted as a staple food was the amount of sugar in it. As per Ireland’s VAT Act of 1972, the quantity of sugar in bread should not exceed 2% of the weight of flour in the dough. However, Subway’s bread was found to contain about five times of the allowed quantity, i.e, 10% sugar.

Netizens reacted with surprise to the bizarre news. Even though the ruling was pertaining to Ireland’s subway, people couldn’t help but wonder about the contents of their country’s Subway sandwiches. Others said this news matched the overall vibe of the year 2020. Take a look at how Twitterati responded to the news:

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What do you think the Subway bread should now be called? Tell us in the comments below!

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