Immunity: This Dry Fruits Ladoo Is A Traditional Remedy To Fight Cold Wave (Watch Recipe)


  • Immunity is built up with time
  • Immunity can be bolstered with natural foods too
  • Immunity boosting dry fruits and nuts could be a good idea this season

It is that time of the year again when even layers and layers of clothes do not seem enough to battle the bitter cold outside,  and it also happens to be the perfect time to look inside your kitchens for some support. Yes, you heard us! Our herbs, spices and other kitchen ingredients like nuts and dry fruits have not only helped flavour our curries but also build our immunity. Immunity has been one of the topmost priorities this year, and there is still no room for laxity. The season comes with its own set of challenges, eating dry fruits and nuts may help keep you warm and fortified because of the antioxidants. Dry fruits are also packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the discomfort that comes with cold and cough and prevent the risk of chronic inflammation that could worsen your health condition.  

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Dry Fruits Ladoo Recipe:  

This dry fruits ladoo recipe by food vlogger Reshu packs winter superfoods like sesame, gond (edible gum), ghee, jaggery, sonth (ginger powder) and makhanas. Here’s how to go about it. The recipe can be divided in two components dry/dry-fruit mix and wet/jaggery mix. You have to combine the two and make ladoos. These ladoos can be stored for a year, and you can make it with much lesser ghee if you are wary of calories. 

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Making Dry Fruits Ladoo: Step-By-Step Method 

1. For the dry mix, dry roast white sesame for one minute. 

2. Transfer on another plate. 

3. To this add pumpkin seeds, roast for one minute, take it out on a plate. 

4. Now add ghee to a pan, and fry gond until fluffy and crunchy. Transfer to a plate. 

5. In the remaining ghee, fry makhanas, on low-medium flame. Roast for 3-4 minutes. Transfer to another plane. 

6. Next, add a bit of ghee into the pan and fry the raisins on low medium flame. Transfer to another plate.  

7. In the remaining ghee, roast cashew, almond, pista until crunchy. Take it out. 

8. Roast coconut for a minute in the same pan on low-medium flame. 

9. Crush the makhanas you just roasted, you can use a mixer, or you can simply crush them using hand or with the back of a steel glass. 

10. Crush gond or edible gum the same way.  

11.Now for the wet-mix, heat jaggery in a kadhai, add some water, this helps jaggery melt faster. Keep stirring occasionally.  

12. Once melted, add sonth powder to the jaggery and cook on low flame. 

13. Next, add black pepper powder and ghee. Mix everything well. Do not overmix or overcook the mixture.  

14. Switch off the gas, add all the dry fruit mix. Let it cool down, but not completely.  

15. Start moulding the ladoos, if you think your mixture has dried up a lot, you can add more ghee. Do grease your palms with ghee.  


Watch the full recipe with ingredients of Dry Fruits Ladoo here. The video was posted on ‘Cooking With Reshu’ YouTube channel.  Try making it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below. 

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