High-Protein Snack: Chicken Stuffed Tomatoes Is Just The Party Starter You Were Looking For

This chicken snack is perfect for protein-rich diet.


  • Stuffed tomatoes make for an attractive party snack.
  • Make this protein-rich stuffed tomatoes snack with chicken filling.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Stuffed tomatoes make for a very pretty and tempting snack at any party spread. Hollowed tomatoes filled with a flavourful filling – it not only looks great; it tastes great too. Usually, tomatoes are stuffed with a simple veg filling of onions, cheese herbs, and maybe veggies like carrots and mushrooms. Here is a recipe of stuffed tomatoes that not only add depth, bulk and texture to the snack, it also brings loads of flavours and nutrients in the form of protein.

This chicken stuffed tomatoes is going to be a true pleaser at your gathering. Spread it around and you’ll see your tray retuning empty in no time. We found the recipe of chicken stuffed tomatoes on YouTube channel ‘Beyond Co By Chef Raji’ and decided to share it with you all.

Watch: Protein-Rich Chicken Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe:

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To make this unique chicken snack, lop off the top of tomatoes and remove the seeds. Heat some oil and butter and saute chicken pieces along with salt and black pepper powder. Keep the cooked chicken pieces aside. Add some more butter to the pan and make creamy roux with some flour,  milk and mushrooms, and season with red chilli powder. Then add cooked and mashed rice and add back the chicken. Add lots of cheese too.

Now all you have to do is stuff in the hollow tomatoes with the prepared chicken and mushroom filling and top them with a mixture of butter and bread crumbs. Serve it hot and impress your family and friends.

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