Google AI Makes Two Hybrid Bakery Recipes; Can Machines Cook Better Than Humans?

Google AI developed hybrid recipes.


  • Google AI tool created two hybrid recipes.
  • It made fusion dishes of cake, cookie and bread.
  • Watch the video to see how it was all done.

The whole of year 2020 saw bored people trying new, unique recipes at home. This resulted in a widespread trend of creating weird food combinations and recipes, which you probably won’t make or even eat in your right mind. Anyway, these recipes, most of which went viral on the internet, did a good job of entertaining us, so we did not complain at all. After humans, machines have now jumped on the bandwagon of continuing the trend well into 2021!

Google put one of its artificial intelligence (AI) tools to the good use of creating two strange hybrid bakery recipes. One of cakie – a fusion of cake and cookie, and the other one of brekkie – an amalgamation of bread and cookie.

We used to hear that baking is not just art, it is science too. Now, we saw it.

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The AI tool that did this miracle is AutoML Tables tool. It is a codeless model generation system that takes tables of spreadsheet data and processes them into machine learning algorithms. Google has been trying to update to make it more user-friendly, and looks like they have succeeded in the culinary area, at least.
It all started with Google researcher, Sara Robinson, wanting to design a system that would look at a recipe and tell what food it will make. She eventually designed it to churn out recipes to make these two hybrid dishes.

“It is yummy. And it strangely tastes like what I’d imagine would happen if I told a machine to make a cake cookie hybrid,” she wrote in her Twitter post.

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