Diabetes Diet: 7 Indian Dinner Recipes With Green Beans (Phaliyan) To Manage Blood Sugar

Green beans are good for people dealing with diabetes.


  • Green beans are full of vitamins and minerals.
  • The green vegetable is also good for diabetes diet.
  • Here are some Indian dinner recipes with green beans.

Diabetes can be effectively managed by making lifestyle changes and modifying one’s diet. Health experts suggest including foods that are low in glycemic index. It’s a good thing that we can find many foods around us that can help manage high blood sugar. Today we are focusing on one such food that is available throughout the year and can be used to make a variety of healthy and tasty dishes. Green beans or hari phaliyan make a regular appearance in Indian meals across the country. But if you have been ignoring this vegetable till now, you must know that it is one of the most preferred vegetable for diabetes diet. 

Green beans are rich in various vitamins, minerals, fiber and folate. The low glycemic index vegetable may play a significant role in combating diabetes; so here we are exploring how to use it to make some interesting dinner recipes.

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7 Green Beans-Based Dinner Recipes For Diabetes Diet:

1. Sauteed Green Beans

Low in fat and easy to cook, this recipe has green beans sauteed with bell pepper, pine nuts and garlic, and seasoned with salt and black pepper. Simple yet delicious!

View Full Recipe Here.

Green beans are a low glycemic food. Image Credit: istock

2. Green Bean Salad

If you want to make a refreshing salad for dinner, this recipe is perfect for you. Green beans are mixed with bread crumbs and parsley, and topped with protein-rich eggs.

View Full Recipe Here.

3. Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

This Gujarat-special phaliyan recipe is a must-try. Beans are tossed with tangy tamarind, some sweet jaggery and spicy coconut mixture. It spells pure indulgence.

View Full Recipe Here.

4. Aloo Beans

The evergreen north-Indian sbazi of aloo beans never fails to impress. Make this dish for dinner by cooking the vegetables in a tangy tomato mixture.

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5. Beans Gajar

This simple Indian dish made with beans and carrots is full of flavours and super healthy too. The vegetables are simmered in a dense gravy of onions and tomatoes, loaded with Indian spices.

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6. Guar ki Bhaaji

This one is a Maharashtrian specialty. Guar phaliyan is used to make this sabzi, which is flavoured with mustard seeds, crushed peanut powder, groundnut chutney and other common spices.

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7. Beans Patoli Vepudu

This dish from Andhra Pradesh loads up on nutrients from beans and also adds some extra proteins from chana dal. Definitely a must-try!


View Full Recipe Here. 


Diabetes diet doesn’t have to be boring. Make your last meal of the day interesting with these green beans recipes. 

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