9 Vitamin D-Rich Indian Breakfast Recipes: Boost Your Immunity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Vitamin D sufficiency may help in prevention and treatment of Coronavirus.


  • Vitamin D nutrient is known to boost immunity.
  • The best way to obtain the nutrient is through diet.
  • Here are some Indian breakfast recipes abound with vitamin D.

We all are well aware that vitamin D is essential for good health. The nutrient plays a vital part in boosting immunity and also strengthening bones and muscles. Vitamin D deficiency may make our body vulnerable to viruses, common infections, and may even lead to bone-related issues. Vitamin D can be derived naturally through sunlight but many of us are not able to fetch sufficient amounts due to lack of proper exposure or other reasons. The irony, nowadays, is that we are trying to step out less and are confining ourselves indoors to preclude the danger of Coronavirus. But the same safety measure can make us vitamin D deficient, and in turn, weaken our immunity.

A recent study by experts reiterated the importance of vitamin D and also claimed that vitamin D sufficiency may help in the treatment of COVID-19 patients too. The best way to ensure enough vitamin D level in the body is by obtaining it from our diet fortified with vitamin D-rich foods.

Here are some Indian recipes abound with vitamin D, which you can include in your daily breakfast diet.

1. Mushroom Uttapam

The classic south Indian dish gets a makeover with vitamin D-rich mushrooms. This unique uttapam can be a superb addition to your morning menu.

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Vitamin D is known to boost immunity. 

2. Egg Paratha

Filled with proteins and loads of vitamin D, this egg paratha is perfect for a hearty breakfast. Nothing can beat a wholesome paratha for typical Indian breakfast.

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3. Lassi

Punjab’s pride and India’s favourite, curd-based lassi drink is just what we need to give our day a fresh start. Lassi will go best with your paratha.

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4. Breakfast Fish Cutlet

Fish cutlet – doesn’t it sound interesting? Go ahead and try this smoky and crunchy patty suffused with the goodness of fish and potatoes.

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5. Daliya

Daliya is the simplest meal to make in the morning with vitamin D-rich milk. Pick cow milk, almond milk or soy milk and make nutrient-rich, creamy daliya by boiling bulgur wheat in milk with sweetener of your choice. Garnish with nuts and your healthy daliya is ready.

8. Oats idli

Add oats to your idli batter and make healthy idlis for breakfast. This recipe is perfect for a light morning meal.

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lult6m48Idli is a popular south Indian meal. 

9. Paneer Cheela

Calcium, proteins, vitamin D – you get all these nutrients among others through cottage cheese. Make this cheela for breakfast to get you fill of the sunshine vitamin.


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Don’t rely on supplements to fuel yourself with the essential vitamin D. Enrich your breakfast diet with these easy recipes.

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