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Actor Suriya’s next movie Soorarai Pottru directed by Sudha Kongara was supposed to release on Amazon prime video on October 30. However, now it has been revealed that the movie won’t be releasing on October 30 as announced earlier.

Suriya, taking it to Twitter has posted a heartfelt note revealing that the movie’s release has been postponed as the movie deals with aviation industry and hence several NOCs are required, which are pending for approval. With the approval awaited, Soorarai Pottru’s release date as of now isn’t clear yet.

Suriya’s note read “Dear well wishers, my fellow brothers & sisters, It’s not everyday I choose to share my thoughts with you in a letter. But in these unprecedented times, a situation has arisen where I stand before you with an open heart and a transparent mind. Because you have stood by me all the way to where I am now, and you deserve nothing but love, appreciation and truth. When we started ‘Soorarai Pottru’ we thought the only challenges we would face will be shooting at never-before-shot-locations, working with people of different languages and bringing in personnel with different skill sets to bring alive the magnificent world of Maara. Though easily said, it was a mammoth task to execute. As you all know SP is a story set in aviation industry. So we had to deal with numerous procedures and permissions, because it’s a matter of national security and we were dealing with real Indian Airforce aircrafts and security. A few new NOCs are still pending for approval, and we understand the wait is inevitable as this adverse time is demanding more and more focus on the nation and its priorities, than anything else! Sorrarai Pottru is a film very close to our hearts and we feel very passionately for this compelling and inspiring story. Unfortunately, the wait for the film’s release will now be a little longer than anticipated. However what pains me is how eagerly my well-wishers were waiting for this but we seem to have no other option. I personally hope that my well wishers will take this in good spirit, with love and faith. While we get ready, I leave you here with this short peek into Maara’s world. We will be back with the trailer and lots more soon!! This letter comes with a beautiful Friendship song’ which is dedicated to our friendship love, and affection.”

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