SSR fans are enraged over Ranveer Singh and Bingo for ‘mocking’ Sushant Singh Rajput. – Bollywood News

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, a lot of actors and directors had to face the rage of his fans and now its Ranveer Singh’s turn. Sushant fans are enraged over a Bingo ad in which Ranveer acted and allegedly mocked SSR.

In the ad, Ranveer uses a few scientific terms to shut down a few relatives who constantly ask him about his future plans. According to fans, this is a mockery of Sushant who was an astrophysics enthusiast. He often used to make posts about space, astrophysics etc on Instagram and Twitter. 

Fans have been slamming Bingo as well as Ranveer in their tweets and they’re demanding to boycott Bingo as well. 


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