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HT Codeathon: We are living in a time of remarkable innovation in science and technology. We keep hearing about an educational revolution. Learning the basics of coding in this digital era is of prime importance in order to bring about radical transformation in schools and universities. Coding can help students develop a wide range of skills which are essential in daily life — such as critical thinking, problem-solving etc. I always believe in the newest ways to empower students. By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains. Even when they make a mistake they learn. Coding enables children to visualise abstract concepts and understand how to plan and organise thoughts. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. HT has launched a fantastic initiative to generate curiosity in coding among school students. I imagine that it will make the students more analytical and alter their perspective with regard to the world. They also held a webinar by which students have been briefed regarding the Codeathon. It was an enriching session for all the scholars. To shape a better future, we must liberate our imagination from the grip of the present and step out to accept the new methodologies of teaching and learning through coding.

Mona Lakhanpal, Principal, Maxfort School, Pitampura

I truly believe that learning coding at a young age can set up the child’s mind for a lifetime of success, even if they don’t go into a specifically computer science related field. Coding not only helps to improve their mathematical skills but also gives them valuable skills in life and eventually in the workforce. Setting up an effective coding program is challenging but the initiative taken by HT for conducting such a drive for school students is remarkable. It not only motivates students but also generates heightened interest among them. Many of those students are now using their free time to develop new applications.

Navneet Kaur, Facilitator, Maxfort School, Pitampura

Coding is all about developing one’s skills like “design” wherein we think about a virtual scenario and organise it in the digital space. HT Codeathon has made it easy and interactive for students to learn coding. The way the scenarios been selected makes children love to go from one course to another. Students are enjoying this chance to learn coding. Since the instructions are in the form of videos, youngsters can flexibly learn at their own pace and time.

Shrishti Mishra, Class 6, Ryan International School, Greater Noida

This great initiative by HT is a boon for children who want to learn coding, create their own web pages, apps. The entire process is very interactive.The competition has inspired me to explore and show my coding skills. The platform is very appealing.

Anmol Pal, Class 6, Ryan International School, Greater Noida

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